Sheikh Hasina, also President of Awami League, asked the BCL leaders and activists to groom themselves imbuing with the ideology of sacrificing mindset leaving aside all desires to make personal gains.

Recalling the contribution of Bangabandhu to achieving independence, she said, “Bangabandhu had initiated the Language Movement to establish Bangla as the state language and thus prepared the entire nation to forge a movement to make Bangladesh an independent country.”

In this context, the premier said, “The only reason of assassinating the Father of the Nation along with most of his family members was that he (Bangabandhu) had liberated the country.”

The defeated forces of the Liberation War wanted to make Bangladesh a failed state through the assassination of Bangabandhu, she said.

The prime minister called upon all to be cautious against the defeated forces as they are still hatching conspiracies to halt the country’s development and they never wanted Bangladesh’s progress.

Mentioning that the Chhatra League is an organization founded by Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina said “The Chhatra League had immense contributions to each and every democratic movement.”

In this context, Sheikh Hasina recalled the contributions of Bangamata in running the Chhatra League while the Father of the Nation was in jail. She continued, “My mother had given the necessary instructions to the Chhatra League on how to lead every movement.”

While recalling the past incidents of pathos, including the 15th August massacre, she turned emotional and said that military dictator and the then President Ziaur Rahman did not allow her (Sheikh Hasina) to enter into the 32 no Dhanmondi residence after her return to the country in 1981.

Sheikh Hasina said the development of the country happens only whenever the Awami League, which liberated the country, comes to power. But no development took place when the defeated forces of the Liberation War and their collaborators were in power, she noted.

Regarding BAKSAL, she said many people are out to mislead the people falsifying the objectives of BAKSAL. The BAKSAL was formed to bring all sections of people under a platform to ensure economic emancipation, she added.

Describing Bangladesh as a role model of development for the entire world, she said “Bangladesh is currently occupying the first position in terms of achieving GDP growth and this achievement has become possible after going through a long process of development.”

In this regard, the Prime Minister said, “My only aim is to build Bangladesh a developed and prosperous country by changing the lot of the people as dreamt by Bangabandhu,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, “My father used to say that he loved the countrymen most.”

“So I am working for the betterment of the people following the footsteps of the Father of the Nation” she added.