Press Council’s instruction for court reporting


DHAKA, August 19, 2019 (BSS)- Press Council today issued instructions regarding court reporting.

During the court proceedings, the arguments between judges and lawyers are solely assets of the court and it is not publishable matter in newspapers, a press release said here today.

Before pronouncement of final judgment, journalists should refrain from publishing any comments or opinions over under-trial cases or issues as these can defame judges or influence verdict of cases, it said.

Actual picture about under-trial cases can be presented in the reporting, it said adding that if any doubt arises, the issue should be published after verifying from bench officers of the concerned courts, registrars of the High Court Division and the Appellate Division.

It said journalists should refrain from publishing reports that can be tantamount to contempt of the Supreme Court and can harm or there remains possibility of tarnishing honor of the judges. Print, electronic and online media are requested to follow the matter very carefully, the statement said.

Media outlets are requested to follow specially the section 16 of Code of Conduct 1993 (amended 2002) for journalists formulated by Bangladesh Press Council.

Section 16 says “It is the responsibility of the newspapers to publish news relating to case under trial and to publish the final judgment of the court to reveal the actual picture of issues relating to trial. But a journalist shall refrain from publishing such comment or opinion as is likely to influence an under-trial case, until the final verdict is announced.”