Bangladesh Ambassador to China M Fazlul Karim and PM’s Speech Writer M Nazrul Islam were present at the press briefing.

The prime minister said Bangladesh is now hosting 1.1 million Rohingyas which is a big challenge for the country environmentally and from the security aspect.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh seeks “good will” from the Chinese government so that the Rohingyas can return to their motherland.

In reply, the Chinese president said they previously worked with both Bangladesh and Myanmar for solving the Rohingya crisis and will continue to do so.

“We want the Rohingyas to go back,” the foreign secretary quoted the Chinese president as saying.

Jinping said the Myanmar minister who works on the Rohingya issue may visit Bangladesh again and it is expected that it will create another possibility for solving the problem.

The foreign secretary said the prime minister apprised the Chinese president of the problem and this discussion also came up at the banquet.

Haque said as some questions were raised by the Chinese president, the prime minister highlighted various aspects of the Rohingya crisis.

Sheikh Hasina said the Rohingyas do not want to go back to their homeland as they have a fear that they may be persecuted again.

In this connection, the prime minister requested the Chinese president to use their “good will”.

Jinping said as this is happening not beyond the international attention, the possibility of its repetition is very less.

“We will try as much as possible to solve the problem … before us both Bangladesh and China are close friends and they are our equal friends, none is more or less,” he said.

The Chinese president assured that as Bangladesh and Myanmar are developing countries they will see the interests of the two countries.