On editor’s comments

The prime minister replied to a question regarding an interview of the editor of an English daily with Deutsche Welle in which he (editor) commented that he stopped writing columns as he could not write that was supposed to be written after the election.

Sheikh Hasina posed a question if the editor could dare to say that he cannot write anything according to his choice had been any pressure on him. She added that nobody exerted any pressure on him.

The premier said the editor who made this comment does not feel good if democratic process exists. They feel well when there is undemocratic process like emergency or military government, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said when such government exists they can write “formaeyshi” (ordered) write-ups.

The prime minister said she could understand who the editor was hearing his comments.

Sheikh Hasina said it was that editor who acknowledged that he published false news supplied by the DGFI.

“What is its meaning and link it with his previous comments. I will understand that he cannot write as the DGFI is not supplying any write up to him,” she said.

“If he wants DGFI to supply write ups to him, then he can contact it,” she continued.

The prime minister said, “The editor cannot write as we’re not supplying any information through the DGFI. Its meaning is that he cannot write without ordered write ups. I understand this, nothing else.”

She said: “Write whatever you want… Did I get any cooperation from these newspapers, not in my life.”

“After I returned home, how many newspapers were in our favour,” she asked.

The prime minister said she loves the country and the people and whatever she does is for the welfare of the people.

“If I have such belief, I have no headache who says what, good or bad, and who does what.”

Sheikh Hasina said her party was once in the opposition, but it came to power for the fourth time.

“Is Bangladesh not advancing and are the people not getting its benefits and is the country not developing in the world?” she said.

“The entire world looks at Bangladesh and praises it. Are all not feeling good for this?” she said.

She said those who did not want Bangladesh’s independence and those who had licked boots of the anti-liberation forces would not feel good for its success.