BSS-01 Microcredit makes 2,660 families self-reliant in Gangachara





Microcredit makes 2,660 families self-reliant in Gangachara

RANGPUR, June 9, 2019 (BSS) – As many as 2,660 homeless families have
found their fortune with the interest-free microcredit of the government at
Asrayan Prokalpo of Gangachara upazila of the district.

Along with attaining self-reliance, the families have set up example in
loan repayments when commoners are failing to repay the debt after getting
microcredit from some NGOs with high interests.

Gangachara Upazila Cooperatives Officer (UCO) Mohammad Aftabuzzaman said
2,660 families who lost their homes in river erosion have achieved self-
reliance after their rehabilitation in the upazila since 1997.

Upazila Cooperative Office through local cooperative societies disbursed
the revolving microcredit to rehabilitated families for attaining self-
reliance through income generating activities.

Soon after their rehabilitation in plashes, local government departments
provided them with trainings, inputs and supports while Upazila Cooperative
Office disbursed revolving interest-free microcredit, Aftabuzzaman said.

Talking to BSS, beneficiaries of Asrayan Prokalpo said they started
dreaming anew after rehabilitation, getting training and cooperative
microcredit under the government’s comprehensive social safety net

Rehabilitated Matiar Rahman at Chengmari-2 Asrayan Prokalpo said he became
homeless after the Teesta devoured their home 25 years back.

“After rehabilitation in 2012, I got Taka 10,000 as interest-free
cooperative microcredit which I started raising a bull side by side
continuing to work as a farm labourer,” he said.

After two years, he sold the bull at Taka 27,000, repaid the debt and got
Taka 14,000 in 2015 when he again purchased two bulls.

“Now I have assets worth about Taka four-lakh. I am now leading a happy
life with my wife Shajeda and other family members,” said Rahman.

Another beneficiary Dulu Mian said he got Taka 6,000 as microcredit from
Upazila Cooperative Office after getting home in the Ashrayan Prokolpo with
his wife Lovely Begum in 2010.

“With the loan, I began fish trading when my economic condition started
changing. Then, I easily managed foods for my four daughters thrice daily,”
he said.

After repayment of loan, he got again Taka 8,000, then Taka 10,000 and
Taka 15,000 in the subsequent years to expand his fish business.

Dulu Mian married off his three daughters by 2016 while his youngest
daughter Eti Moni is now a first year intermediate student of Habu DM

Rehabilitated Alef Mian at Purbo Kochua Asrayan Prokalpo said he became
homeless sixteen years back as the Teesta devoured everything he had in a
nearby village.

“I had to pass miserable days for years amid uncertainty with my wife
Feroza and a son and a daughter,” he narrated.

“Everything started changing when I got shelter at the Asrayan Prokalpo to
begin life afresh as the then government of Sheikh Hasina completed its
construction during her previous 1996-2001 tenure,” Alef said.

After taking training on income generating activities, Upazila Cooperative
Office provided me with Taka 6,000 as microcredit, he said.

Alef bought a heifer, opened a grocery shop and paid installments of the
loan timely to get Taka 10,000 microcredit again. Then he took lease of seven
decimal cultivable lands that give three crops annually.

He got Taka 15,000 cooperative microcredit for the third time, married off
his daughter Arjuma and purchased a cow and invested rest of the amount in
his shop.

“We are now enjoying a happy life. I have six cows, one grocery shop and
other properties worth about Taka 3.50-lakh,” a smiling Alef said.

Similarly, many rehabilitated people at different other Asrayan Prokalpo
in the upazila narrated their stories of attaining self-reliance through
proper utilization of the microcredit.

Successful implementation of the microcredit programme under Asrayan
Prokalpo has contributed improving the living condition of the rehabilitated
families who also have set up example of repayments of microcredit, said
Gangachara UCO Aftabuzzaman.