Boro rice cultivation target exceeds in Rangpur region


RANGPUR, March 13, 2018 (BSS) – The farmers have exceeded the fixed cultivation target of Boro rice in Rangpur agriculture region this season following various effective and pro-farmer steps of the government.

With the increased farming acreage, officials of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) here are optimistic about bumper production of Boro rice that meets half of the demand for staple food-grain in the northern region.

“The excellent growing Boro rice plants have given eye-catching looks to the crop fields under favourable climatic conditions now predicting bumper production of the crop,” said Deputy Director of the DAE at its regional office here Md Moniruzzaman.

“The farmers have finally planted Boro rice seedling in 5.08-lakh hectares of land, 8,686 hectares or 1.74 percent higher than the fixed target of bringing over 4.99-lakh hectares of land under Boro farming, this season in all five districts under the region,” he added.

The agri-scientists and experts are providing assistance and practical knowledge, latest technologies and advice to the farmers for making the Boro rice farming programme successful and achieving the production target.

Talking to BSS, Horticulture Specialist of the DAE Khondker Md Mesbahul Islam said the government has fixed a target of producing over 20.70-lakh tonnes of clean Boro rice from 4.99-lakh hectares of land this season for the region.

“Under the programme, 6.69-lakh tonnes hybrid Boro rice will be produced from 1.40-lakh hectares of land, 13.97-lakh tonnes high yielding variety Boro rice from 3.56-lakh hectares and 3,590 tonnes local variety Boro rice from 1,850 hectares of land,” he said.

The farmers have brought over 1.81-lakh hectares of land under cultivation of hybrid variety Boro rice, over 3.24-lakh hectares under high yielding variety Boro rice farming and 2,638 hectares of land under cultivation of local variety Boro rice.

“More that 2.25-lakh irrigation devices, including 2,694 deep tube wells, 2.21-lakh shallow tube wells, 440 low-lift pumps and 952 other pumps have been put into operation for irrigating Boro rice fields to make the farming programme successful,” Islam said.

Farmer Ariful Haque Batul of village Najirdigar under Sadar upazila here said he is taking intensive care of his excellent growing Boro rice plants in the fields to get bumper production of the crop this season.

Regional Additional Director of DAE Md Shah Alam said steps have been taken to ensure smooth irrigation, supply of fuels, fertilisers and electricity to the farmers to achieve the Boro rice production target this season. He also predicted a bumper production of Boro rice this season if the climatic conditions remain favorable during the next three months in the region.