The prime minister said when the fire fighters go to douse blaze some people, after being excited, make attacks on them unnecessarily, showing reasons that why their vehicles delay to come to the place of occurrence.

“The people sometimes vandalize the vehicles, the price of which each is Tk 9/10 crore,” she said.

“Instead of attacking the fire fighters, if they try to douse the flame and join the rescue drive, then we would have considered it as a good work,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina said a fire fighter is fighting for life while going to douse the blaze in the Bannai FR Tower fire incident. “But nobody inquires about him,” she said.

In this connection, the prime minister said the government has made arrangements for sending him abroad by an air ambulance for better treatment.

Sheikh Hasina also criticized a section of people for constructing buildings by filling up water bodies. “There were a huge number of ponds, canals and water bodies in the capital, but those were filled up and there is a tendency to construct buildings while seeing ponds,” she said.

The Gulshan and Banani lakes, she said, were almost filled during the regimes of Ziaur Rahman and HM Ershad. “A BNP Village was set up by filling the Banani Lake,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina came down heavily on the United States for issuing alert for its citizen living in Bangladesh.

“We saw suddenly that the USA issued an alert, but they didn’t say why they issued the alert and didn’t give any explanation,” she said.

The premier said that she had already asked the authorities concerned to look into the matter and take information why the USA issued that alert or whether they have any information.

“If they have any information about any incident that is going to take place (in the coming days), then it is their responsibility to inform us so that we could take steps to face the incident,” she said.

Referring to recent fire incidents in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said such incidents happen in all countries in the world. “Fire incidents take place in the USA frequently and hospital and fertilizer factories were burnt to ashes there and nobody knew that how many people died in the blazes,” she said.

The PM added: “70 people were killed in a fire in London and nobody conducts rescue operation for days after days like us.”

The AL president said terrorism is not a problem only for Bangladesh, rather it is the problem for the whole world.

“Bangladesh contained terrorism and militancy successfully, after one incident we are very much aware and our intelligence agencies are working round the clock, if they (the USA) have any sort of information they should inform the appropriate authority,” she said.

The prime minister said that Bangladesh is in the top five growth attaining countries and it is natural those who did not want the independence of Bangladesh will not like to see the country advancing smoothly socioeconomically.

“They had hatched conspiracy in the past, but we are moving forward, and we will further advance, all have to work so that our march towards the success shall continue,” she said.

About the defeat of the BNP in the 30th December election, the Awami League chief said the BNP suffered the debacle in the last general elections as they lost confidence and trust of the people due to their indulgence in terrorism, militancy, killing and money laundering.

“Sensing the defeat, BNP leaders were engaged in nomination trade,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina vowed that the nation will celebrate birth centenary of the Father of the Nation in 2020 and the golden jubilee of independence in 2021 by establishing poverty-and -hunger-free country.