BSS-40 Govt. banned no foreign TV channel: Hasan





Govt. banned no foreign TV channel: Hasan

DHAKA, April 2, 2019 (BSS) – Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today
said the government did not ban any foreign television channel amid rumours
that orders were issued to stop transmission of foreign TV networks.

“We have not asked anyone to stop transmission of any foreign TV channel,
we just want to strictly ensure that foreign TV channels are transmitted in
our country deleting (Bangladeshi and foreign advertisements,” he told BSS.

The minister’s comments came as rumours were widely spread that the
government banned all foreign TV channels as Cable Network Association of
Bangladesh (COAB) overnight stopped transmitting several such channels for
containing Bangladeshi ads.

Hasan said two operators were served with notices demanding explanations
why they were airing advertisements defying the government order and causing
huge loss to Bangladeshi TV channels.

He added that no country including neighbouring India allowed transmission
of commercial advertisements in foreign channels exposing to financial losses
their domestic TV networks.

Officials familiar with the situation said some “dishonest businesses” were
spreading the rumours to mislead people since the strict government stance
against airing foreign advertisements affected their interests.

In a media briefing earlier today, Hasan as well said the government would
stick to its decision not to allow broadcasting local advertisements on
foreign channels.

“The government just issued show cause notices on two cable operators as
they violated the law but it didn’t shutdown any channel,” he told reporters
after a meeting with Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association (BFEA) at his
secretariat office here.

He said as per subsection-19 (13) of the Cable Television Network Act,
2006, nobody can air local products advertisements on foreign channels as it
is illegal and punishable offence.

“Not the Bangladeshi advertisements alone, they (cable operators) are also
not allowed to broadcast any type of advertisement,” he said.

He said the government issued the show cause notices on April 1 as they
were violating the law while the government would do everything for the
betterment of television owners, journalists and media personnel.

Hasan said if the related law is followed properly, the income of the
private TV channels will increase by Taka 300 crore to 500 crore and the
employees of the industry, including journalists, will get their salaries and
other benefits.