BSS-43 WOW festival begins in city April 5





WOW festival begins in city April 5

DHAKA, April 1, 2019 (BSS) – The Women of the World (WOW) festival will begin on the premises of Bangla Academy here on April 5 with a view to advancing the gender equality in Bangladesh.

The British Council (BC) and the WOW Foundation, the UK will organize the event titled ‘WOW Dhaka Festival’ from April 5 to 6 for the first time in Bangladesh, Deputy Director of the British Council Andrew Newton disclosed the matter at a press conference at the BC auditorium here today.

“The WOW festival is a crucial platform in advancing our work on women and girl’s empowerment under our arts programme portfolio in South Asia,” Andrew said.

The two-day WOW Dhaka festival will include cross-cultural dialogue, panel discussion, workshops, film screening and a full-fledged theatre production.

WOW is the largest Women’s festival in the world. The festival was started in London in 2010, which is now a global festival expanding across five countries. Over one and a half million women are part of the WOW movement.

It is an international festival that celebrates the achievement of women and girls. WOW also focuses on sharing experiences and approaches to tackle ongoing inequalities and discriminations faced by the women in the society.