Bangabandhu’s March 7 speech invaluable asset of world: PM


SANGSAD BHABAN, March 7, 2019 (BSS) – Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today said Bangabandhu’s historic March 7 speech is an invaluable asset of the whole world which has taken Bangladesh to a new height.

“The March 7 speech is not only an asset of Bangladesh, it’s also an invaluable asset of the entire world … the address has taken Bangladesh to a new height,” she said while participating in a discussion on the speech in the House with Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair.

Sheikh Hasina said through the speech Bangabandhu had given directives to the freedom-loving people to take preparations for war and independence. “The speech had inspired the people to jump into the war and the nation later achieved victory in the war,” she said.

The Leader of the House said most of the historic speeches which were given recognition by the world were written and prepared previously.

“But Bangabandhu delivered the historic March 7 speech from his own mind and there was a role of my mother in this regard,” she said.

The prime minister recalled that many leaders and intellectuals before the rally had advised Bangabandhu to speak about various issues.

“Some leaders of our students’ wing insisted Bangabandhu at that time on declaring independence, arguing that otherwise the people will be frustrated,” she said.

“But just before the rally, my mother told Bangabandhu that many people will say many things, but you don’t need to hear all words … you will say that words which will come from your mind,” she said, adding that “My mother gave importance to this word time and again.”

“My mother also told Bangabandhu that the Pakistani rulers were sitting with arms and the fate of the people is in your hand,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina said the non-cooperation movement which was built through the speech was unprecedented. “No other leader of the world could do it,” she said.

She said the Pakistani rulers had tried to identify the movement as a separatist movement, but they could not do it. “Through the movement we received international recognition and support,” she said.

The military dictators, she said, banned the speech after the assassination of Bangabandhu in 1975. “But ignoring all hurdles, the leaders and workers of Awami League played this speech, she said, adding none can erase the history and suppress the truth.

The premier said there is no other speech in the world which the people heard years after years. “Forty-eight years have passed (since the delivering of speech), but appeal of the address is still immense and the people are inspired with it,” she said.

Talking about UNESCO’s recognition to the historic 7th March Speech of Bangabandhu as the world’s documentary heritage, the prime minister said the speech has been placed in a UN body as an invaluable document of the human civilisation.

“It’s a great and rare honour for the people of Bangladesh,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said: “I will tell that in whatever dark era lived those who once banned the speech and used to obstruct to play it. They could not realize its value. But today it’s an invaluable asset for the Bangalee nation.”