BSS-40 TIB shouldn’t be one eyed: ACC Chairman





TIB shouldn’t be one eyed: ACC Chairman

DHAKA, March 5, 2019 (BSS) – Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmood today said the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) should not be one eyed as it only knows to criticize, but it don’t know to praise for positive initiatives for curbing graft.

“ACC always welcomes criticism, but one should first realize the reality, condition and culture before making criticism and at the same time it must find out the way to resolve the problem,” he said while a three-member delegation headed by Mathias Boss assigned for evaluation of the ongoing TIB activities meet him at ACC Segunbagicha headquarters here.

“TIB should know how to praise for good initiative taken by government or by any public organisations or by any political party. They should not be one eyed rather being two eyed,” Iqbal Mahmood added.

“People are the owners of government and private organisations even the organisations run by foreign assistance. So that, they should be transparent by making public their budgets, incomes and expenses,” he continued.

Regarding TIB’s research, ACC chairman said, “The research methodology of TIB should be transparent. In major case, TIB usually collects data through secondary source and focus group discussions. They should use primary data in doing so. There will be fewer mistakes in result and analysis of their researches if they use primary data to this regard.

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