BSS-01 ATMA concerned over violation of tobacco control law





ATMA concerned over violation of tobacco control law

RAJSHAHI, Feb 2, 2018 (BSS) – Expressing their grave concern over gross
violation of tobacco control law, regional members of Anti Tobacco Media
Alliance (ATMA) have urged the authorities concerned to take punitive
measures to combat the violation in the region.

They made this observation while addressing ATMA’s Rajshahi regional
meeting in the conference room of Association for Community Development (ACD)
in the city on Thursday.

The anti-tobacco activists viewed the tobacco products advertisements
through packet display at all selling points and unabated marketing of
foreign branded cigarettes are taking place everywhere violating the law.

Selling of tobacco products especially cigarettes to the schoolchildren
and smoking in public places and transports are continuing.

With ATMA member Alamgir Kabir Tota in the chair, journalists Paritosh
Chowdhury Adittya, Sharif Suman, Ahsan Habib Apu, Ziaul Haque, Mobarak Ali,
Dulal Abdullah and Ashraful Islam spoke on the occasion.

ACD Project Coordinator Ehsanul Amin Emon moderated the discussion.

The discussants alleged that some of the tobacco companies are expanding
their market promotional activities everywhere in the name of corporate
social responsibilities, which must be resisted.

In this context, the media men mentioned the tobacco control law has been
enacted in May, 2013 but its enforcement hasn’t become visible as yet. For
this reason, violation of the law is taking place randomly, they stated

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