BSS-02 Tomato cultivation rises in Jamalpur





Tomato cultivation rises in Jamalpur

JAMALPUR, Jan 26, 2018 (BSS)-Cultivation of tomato is gradually increasing
in the district with a bumper production and good price of the vegetable for
the last couple of years.

Sources concerned said farmers’ interest in the cultivation of the crop has
increased to a great extent as they reaped a good profit in the previous

Sources with Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said tomato was
cultivated on 1835 hectares in the district during the current season as
against 1759 hectares in the last year.

Of the total land, 1350 hectares were brought under tomato cultivation in
Jamalpur Sadar upazila.

Beside, 40 hectares in Sarishabari, 20 hectares in Melandaha, 340 hectares
in Islampur, 15 hectares in Dewanganj, 45 hectares in Madarganj and 25
hectares in Bakshiganj were also brought under tomato cultivation in the
current season.

Jamalpur Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer M Shakhawat Eakram said this
year tomato production ranged between 55 MT and 60 MT per hectare. The
agriculture officer said favourable weather, proper nursing and absence of
pest attack and other diseases helped achieving the bumper production of
tomato this year.

Farmers cultivated various hi-breed varieties of tomato seeds. The
varieties are Udoyan, Unnoyan, Safal, Mangal Raja and Kanak . He said this
year farmers are getting a good price of tomato as cold weather helps tomato
to ripe slowly. As a result, the farmers get enough time to harvest tomato.

Farmer Abdul Bari of Narundi Namachar area in Jamalpur Sadar upazila said
the price of tomato in the current season is very good. He said in the
wholesale market the price of tomato is ranging between Tk 1000 and Tk 1400
per maund. He is expecting a net profit of Tk 1.2 lakh to 1.6 lakh from a
bigha of land.

Deputy Director, DAE, M Aminul Islam said cultivation of tomato is
increasing in the district because of the vegetable’s economic prospect.

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