About the priority of her next government, Sheikh Hasina said she would
complete all the development projects, which was undertaken earlier, in the
next five years.

“One of the most important tasks of the government will be ensuring safety
and security of country’s people,” she said.

“Our first priority will be the continuation of the economic activities so
that the people can get better life,” she added.

Holding BNP and its allies responsible for election-time violence, the
prime minister said many people mostly members of the ruling Awami League
were killed by the BNP-Jamaat men.

“BNP-Jamaat men have attacked our people, they tried to snatch the ballot
papers and ballot boxes…they also tried to thwart the election,” she said,
adding that the law enforcing agencies and the people were very much alert
about their ill motive.

Sheikh Hasina said the BNP-led Jatiya Oikya Front participated in the
election just to show the world that election was not impartial or with an
intension to occur something dreadful as a part of their conspiracy.

The prime minister said the victory of her party in the election is a good
opportunity to continue the development works of the country which is very
much important for economic progress and prosperity.

“People are getting the outcomes of the development that we have done in
the last 10 years. They are gradually getting better life day by day and I am
very much hopeful that it will improve more in the next tenure.”

Describing another reason for BNP’s defeat in the election, the prime
minister recalled past records of corruption and destructive political
activities carried out by BNP and Jamaat.

“Now people treat these parties as terrorist organisations. And everybody
knows about the corruption done by them. People know that they could not make
any progress in the country,” the prime minister said.

Mentioning previous election scenario of Bangladesh, the prime minister
said, “We had very bad experiences. We have established a system so that our
people can cast their vote freely and fearlessly.

Voters particularly women and first-time-voters have exercised their
franchise very enthusiastically, Sheikh Hasina said, adding that she always
believe that democracy must be upheld at any situation.

“Voting rights belongs to people….it’s their choice to whom they vote.
So, all the development projects belong to every citizen of the country. It’s
our responsibility and I feel it,” she added.

Responding to the query of a BBC reporter about footage of ballot box
stuffed with ballots, the Prime Minister said the footage was completely

The ballot box was not of December 30 election, but mayoral election which
was carrying for ballot counting, she said, adding the Election Commission
immediately postponed the election whenever, an allegation came up into their

“We never encourage any sort of irregularity. Some incidents might happen,
but immediately we took actions,” she said.

Vice Chairman of Awami League’s election conduction committee HT Imam also
spoke on the occasion.

Biplob Barua, among others, senior leaders of the party and member
secretary of the election conducting committee were present.

BSS/AKH/RY/20:55 hrs