Replying to a question about BNP’s allegations regarding level-playing field in the polls, the premier said their level-playing field means that they (BNP) will have to be made winners.

“The BNP’s level playing field means creating such a situation that they are made victorious … then a level-playing field will be created. They have no thinking about winning in the polls through competition,” she said.

The AL chief said the BNP has created their own problems by giving nominations to 4/5 candidates in a single seat. “They did nomination trade and called auction for candidates, saying that those will be able to pay highest amount of money will become candidates,” she said.

The premier said many strong and old candidates who have good reputation in the area could not get party nominations from BNP. “As a result, they got aggrieved and they are being engaged in internal clash,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said those who got nominations cannot go to their constituencies due to the opposition of the deprived. “They are engaged in clash and they are setting fire to their own offices and then putting blame on our party,” she said.

Mentioning that “udor pindi budhor ghare chapano” (shifting one’s responsibility to another) is an old habit of BNP, the premier said they are continuing to muddle the water. “They didn’t fall in the problem, had they not committed nomination trade,” she remarked.

The AL president put emphasis on continuity of democracy for further development of the country. “We’ve established democracy in the country by doing massive struggles,” she said. Sheikh Hasina highlighted Bangladesh’s stunning socioeconomic development over the last 10 years and said the common and rural people are getting benefits of the uplift.

“The country will be more developed and prosperous if the pace of the uplift is maintained,” she said.

Describing the brutal attack on Dinajpur AL leader Dr Mahbubur Rahman as very regretful, the premier said his two fingers were chopped and he was hit on the head. “By the grace of Allah, he is recovering as he is receiving better treatment at the CMH,” she said.

The AL president, in this connection, questioned what the offence of the doctor was. “The brutal attack was made on him when he was returning home after completing work … it’s a heinous work,” she said.

Urging the BNP-Jamaat to stop such a clandestine attack, the prime minister asked the law enforcement agencies to track down the culprits involved in the attack and make arrangements for their appropriate punishment.

Earlier, the prime minister visited Dr Mahbubur at the CMH and enquired about his physical condition from the on-duty doctors.

Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed, PM’s Principal Secretary Md Nojibur Rahman, Military Secretary Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin and PMO Secretary Sajjadul Hassan were present on the occasion.

BSS/SH/GA/1700 hrs