Suu Kyi’s Nepal tour revitalises Rohingyas issue


DHAKA, Nov 29 (BSS) – Global rights watchdogs and Nepal’s national rights
commission have asked Kathmandu to pressurise Myanmar for safe and dignified
return of Rohingyas to their homeland as Myanmar’s state counselor Aung San
Suu Kyi began a two-day Kathmandu tour today.

“Nepal should exert pressure on the Myanmar government through
international collaboration for the safe return of the oppressed,” Amnesty
International director Nirajan Thapaliya said in a statement on the eve of
the Myanmar leaders Kathmandu visit.

The Amnesty earlier this month took back its highest honour, the Ambassador
of Conscience Award, from Suu Kyi for her “apparent indifference” to
atrocities committed against the Rohingya and her increasing intolerance of
freedom of speech.

Thapaliya reiterated the global watchdog’s revised observation about Suu
Kyi saying she “colluded with the military crackdown and is reluctant in
ensuring justice to the victims”.

Nepalese National Human Rights Commission spokesperson Mohna Ansari said
the authorities in Kathmandu “should clearly talk to Suu Kyi” for the safe
return of the displaced people and fair investigation into the atrocities.

“The geopolitical factors should not affect the human rights issue. The
Nepal government must present its clear position on the matter,” Ansari said,
adding the Himalayan nation was also obligated to pressurise Myanmar on the
issue being an incumbent UN Human Rights Council member.

Media reports earlier suggested some 400 Rohingyas also took refuge in
Nepal although over a million of them found Bangladesh to be their makeshift
abode on the face of brutal military crackdown at their homeland.