PM vows to build graft-free Bangladesh if AL reelected


SANGSAD BHABAN, Oct 29, 2018 (BSS) – Prime Minister and Leader of the
House Sheikh Hasina today vowed to build a corruption-free Bangladesh if the
Awami League is reelected expressing firm optimism that the people of the
country will surely give vote to her party.

“We will establish a graft-free Bangladesh Insha Allah, if we could come
to power again,” she said while delivering her valedictory speech at the last
session of the 10th Jatiya Sangsad.

The prime minister added: “The advancement of the country that has begun
will continue Insha Allah and the people of the country are getting the touch
of development.”

“I believe that the people of Bangladesh will certainly give vote to us,”
she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has undertaken many mega projects to
build a beautiful future for the people particularly the next generation.

“To complete the schemes, we need some time and the people of Bangladesh
could give that scope and time to us . If they give vote to us to serve them,
we will establish Bangladesh as a hunger and poverty-free Sonar Bangla,” she

The Anti-Corruption Commission, she said, is now independent and it is
continuing drive against graft.

“We’ve freed the country from the hands of terrorism and militancy and the
drive against drugs is continuing,” she said.

The Leader of the House said comfort has restored among the people and
every family is now getting comfort. “Our drive against the drugs will go
on,” she said.


Noting that she has nothing to get in her life, the prime minister said
remaining alive is an accident for her as she had to face grenade attack and

“I knew that such attacks on my life will come as my parents, brothers,
even my 10-year- old brother were killed brutally and I also know that I may
die at any time,” she said.

“Despite knowing, as much long I remain alive, I will engage myself in
serving the people,” she added.

The prime minister said she is working hard day and night for the interest
of the country and the welfare of the people. “I’m giving this labour to
present a beautiful life to the people, not my own interest,” she said,
adding “I will continue it as much as I remain alive.”

“So I will like to request the countrymen to give vote to us to serve again
and Insha Allah Bangladesh will not lag behind,” she said.

She added: “Bangladesh is advancing and will go ahead at indomitable pace
… none will be able to suppress the country Insha Allah.”

Putting emphasis on maintaining continuity of the government, the prime
minister said Bangladesh has been graduated to developing country from the
LDC Group.

“We got the recognition of a developing country following the footsteps of
Bangabandhu and we’ve to keep up this success and for this continuity of the
government is a must,” she said.

The prime minister said the government has taken many mega projects
including Padma Bridge side by side with socioeconomic programmes . “To
finish these schemes and programmes, the continuation of the government will
have to be maintained,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has been able to cut poverty rate to 21
percent. “The poverty rate in USA is 18 percent and we want to bring down the
rate from that of the USA and if we could cut the rate by 4/5 percent, then
we can declare Bangladesh as a poverty-free country,” she said.

“Insha Allah we could do it … if the people of Bangladesh give vote to
us, we will free it from poverty,” she asserted.

The prime minister said if her party comes to power again, it will
implement the Blue Economy.

Highlighting Bangladesh’s achievements in different sectors, the premier
said these successes belong to the people of the country and it’s their.
“We’ve been able to bring success and honour with cooperation of all … we
want that this honour is upheld and the people of the country will move
keeping their head high,” she said.

The prime minister said: “We will have to achieve this goal as the blood of
the millions of cannot go in vain and we’ll not allow it.”

The Leader of the House ended expressed her hope to return to parliament
and ended her speech reciting the poem — Abar Asiba Fire — composed by
Jibonanda Das.