Moinul Hosein:

The prime minister came down heavily on Jatiya Oikyafront leader Barrister Moinul Hosein for making an abusive comment on a female journalist on a television live show.

Highlighting various negative past incidents of Barrister Moinul, Sheikh Hasina said she knew many of his offences and would disclose those at an appropriate time.

The premier also raised the question about Moinul’s attitude on the TV live show, saying that what you are expecting from whom?

She said it’s Moinul who collaborated with Pakistanis during the liberation war and he was also responsible for abducting eminent journalist Sirajuddin Hossain from Ittefaq.

The prime minister said Barrister Moinul joined Khandaker Moshtaque’s party after the assassination of Bangabandhu in 1975 and then he formed a party with Bangabandhu’s self-confessed killers Bazlul Huda, Aziz Pasha and Sultan Shahriar Khan. “So how would you expect a gentle behavior from him,” she questioned.

Posing a question that why Barrister Moinul’s link to Jamaat will have to be proved, Sheikh Hasina said there is a video that displayed Moinul addressing Shibir’s meeting and it was also published in the Ittefaq.

In this connection, she asked the journalists to expose his Jamaat connection by highlighting this incident.

Sheikh Hasina also advised the female journalists to protest against Barrister Moinul. “Lodge cases against him, the law enforcement agencies and the government will do whatever necessary in this regard,” she said.

Road safety:

Talking about the road accidents, the premier said: “We always put blame on the drivers for the accidents. But the pedestrians should abide by the traffic rules and awareness is also needed for them.”

“You could not stop the people crossing roads here and there by inflicting punishment to the workers leaders … highlight the matter that the people don’t cross roads violating traffic rules,” she added.