Quoting Bangabandhu the prime minister said Bangabandhu has taught us that allocation of money for education is the best investment. So, he gave utmost importance to the education sector side by side with rebuilding the war-ravaged country after independence, she added.

Sheikh Hasina said her government also underlined the importance on eradication of illiteracy, modernization of education particularly vocational education, creation of enthusiasm among people for education and boosting educational scopes for females.

The prime minister lamented that country’s literacy rate fell down during the BNP regime as it showed failures in electricity production, food production, primary health services and other sectors.

“Now, you see a different picture of Bangladesh in all sectors of socioeconomic development as the country has attained success in every area,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has taken steps so that children can avail the opportunities of vocational education, science studies and higher education.

Twelve science and technology universities were established and specialized institutions are being set up to provide education in multiple disciplines, she said.

The prime minister said her government has been making strides aimed at making Bangladesh a middle income country by 2021 and Bangladesh would achieve full status of a ‘developing country’ by 2024 as the country has already fulfilled all three criterions.

By 2041, Bangladesh would emerge as a developed country in South Asia, she hoped saying her government has prepared the Delta Plan 2100 to make sure sustainable development of the country overcoming the challenges of climate change and natural disasters.

“It does not matter whether we’re in power or not. Bangladesh will go ahead and none would be able to suppress indomitable Bangladesh,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina praised the role and sacrifice of university students and teachers in the War of Liberation and all democratic movements saying they have a very crucial role in all national achievements.