PM assures settling Dhakeshwari Temple’s land problem


DHAKA, Oct 15, 2018 (BSS) – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today assured the Hindu community leaders of resolving the land problem of Dhakeshwari National Temple saying her government has already taken steps in this regard.

“Already we have taken steps to resolve the problem … the rest of the work depends on you (temple leaders),” he said while addressing the Hindu devotees during her visit to the Durga Puja Mandop at the national temple this afternoon.

She extended her greetings to members of the Hindu community at home and abroad on the occasion of their largest religious festival Saradiya Durgoutsab and said, “Religion is an affair of individuals, but festivals are for all.”

Sheikh Hasina said her government has tried to maintain harmony and cordial atmosphere among the people of different religions and adopted zero tolerance against militancy and terrorism.

“We saw how temples and idols were destroyed and members of the Hindus, Christian and Buddhist communities were attacked. We always took a stand against such attacks,” she said.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are working efficiently to combat the evil forces, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh was pushed into a complete disorder and conflicting situation after the brutal killing of Bangabandhu when minorities, particularly the Hindus, were tortured and became victims of frequent attacks.

“Such a situation was created by the rulers at that time, although the goal of liberating Bangladesh was to build a secular country,” she said.

“The spirit of the liberation war was that Bangladesh would be built by the people of all religions, but the values went into oblivion after 1975,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government is making sincere efforts to build Bangladesh as dreamt by the Father of the Nation. “And whenever we came to power we tried to safeguard the religious rights of the people and help them celebrate their religious events with festivity.”

She said her government has tried to resolve the problems of all religions and necessary laws were framed so that people of other religions including Hindus can donate their property to the heirs without any tax.

The government has also taken steps for mandir-based child and mass education like mosque-based education along with providing training for priests and ‘sebayet’ of temples, she said adding that it has constituted welfare trusts for the people of all religions for their welfare.

The prime minister said Bangladesh has been liberated in exchange of blood of millions of martyrs. “So, our goal is to build Bangladesh as a secular country where people of every religion would enjoy equal rights and work together to build our motherland,” she said.

“Our goal is that no people in Bangladesh irrespective of their religious faith, creed and caste will remain poor, suffer from hunger, live without home or be deprived of healthcare services,” she said.

The prime minister sought support of everybody to continue the pace of development and take forward the country to its cherished goal of prosperity.

State Minister for Youth and Sports Biren Shikdar, Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation Sayeed Khokan, President of Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad Shylen Majumder, General Secretary Nirmal Chaterjee, President of Mohanagar Sarbojanin Puja Committee Milan Dutta spoke on the occasion.

Minister for Religious Affairs Motiur Rahman, Food Minister Advocate Qamrul Islam, local parliament member Haji Selim were present.

Earlier, the Prime Minister visited Dhaka Ramkrishna Mission where its principal Swami Dhrubeshananda greeted her with a flower bouquet.

Local parliament member Qazi Firoz Rashid and Inspector General of Police Jabed Patwari also spoke.

The Prime Minister said the people of all religions are living together in this country with the spirit of fraternity.

She said her government has ensured freedom of performing religious rites and enjoying equal rights of people irrespective of their religions, creed and caste.

Sheikh Hasina said the puja is being held across the country in a very peaceful atmosphere and the people of other religions are also joining the festival of Durga Puja.